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+++ Imperial register: 1/M3

+++ Security level: Gamma

Welcome brother of battle to the venerable barge "Dark Cathedral", here you will find information about the Dark Angels Space Marine Chapter, also known like Unforgiven being the first Chapter to safeguard the humanity of his terrible enemies.

Coming here has not been easy, during a decade I have compiled information and experience to be able to realize the dream of taking place as this one wich Notebook of Binnacle should have seen the ligth in the middle of 2001, beginning in the communities msn but without being able to give the definitive jump to the net till now, ends of 2005. Throughout the years, the information guarded sometimes has got lost and others it has remained obsolete but the major delay in order that this dream saw the light was undoubtedly the inability to create a space web for ignorance and lack of resources. Probably as the background of the chapter, it has been a struggle of tenacity before the adversity overcoming the obstacles that have been arising in the way fell like:

- The loss for two times of the compiled information.

- In 2002 a project was begun in FLASH, which due to his slowness could not be completed until 2004, losing the information in an occasion and meeting to the fret on the whole project.

- The tenacity for this dream obtains, and the great advice " If you want that something goes out well ... " of Ghazghkull Thraka they stimulated me to have unintentionally the basic concepts to be able to realize this web and this way the dream that so much he had longed.

I hope that it is of your pleasure the visit to " Dark Cathedral ".


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